How to submit some thirst

First find an example of “thirst” ie creepy, inappropriate actions done by fans. The kind of thing that makes you cringe with your whole body.

Examples of thirst include: fans twitter stalking family members/friends of the famous, fans organizing “excursions” to a celeb’s home or place of work multiple times, fans hacking social media, fans sending XXX fanart/fanfic to actors who have stated before that they find it creepy, fans being verbally abusive to writers/actors/producers because of a plotline they didn’t like etc

Screen cap the example or send in a write up with links. Screen caps must have identifying marks edited out! No faces, usernames, avatars or anything that can be used to identify the perpetrator. Please make sure to state what fandom/circumstances the screenshot is from.

Mission Statement

Fandom is family. Fandom brings people together who would otherwise never have met. Fandom has saved lives. Fandom has inspired creativity.

Fandom has also inspired a lot of crazy. And entitlement. And socially inappropriate behaviour.

This blog is about remembering the “good old days” when the fourth wall was respected. Back before twitter stalking became a sport. Back when you wrote a 1,000 page fanfic and didn’t have it printed, bound and shoved into the hands of a visibly uncomfortable actor so they could sign it. Back when the crazier aspects of fandom STAYED THERE.

This blog is about showing what NOT to do as a fan and how not to treat the people involved in making the wonderful things that you love. They do not deserve to be harassed, intimidated, or made to feel uncomfortable.

What this blog is NOT about: slut shaming, racism (unless its calling fans in general out for behaving this way) or personal attacks.

All submissions will be anonymous with the identifying marks edited out like faces, usernames, avatars etc. It’s really about showing examples of inappropriate behaviour rather than calling individuals out.